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Mini Block Craft

Mini Block Craft
Mini Block Craft
  • os: Android version: 42.5.2.mc
    updated: March 17, 2022 size: 25M

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-Nearly limitless gameplay mechanics for endless hours of fun -Server rental to create your own world with multiple players at any time

-Record every special moment and share your world -Freely go on adventures and explore randomly generated worlds

-Create endless possibilities, build whimsical ideas with cubes

-Double the fun with friends and travel freely in and out of the world

How To Play

The construction of the house is complete inside you can decorate it; at night do not go out there will be zombies to attack you; cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and geese these can go to catch which is food.


Mini Craft is a simulation building game with a very high degree of freedom. The game has pixelated graphics and allows players to collect a variety of different resources to build houses and buildings. The gameplay is similar to my world, both are sandbox simulation games.



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