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A Girl Adrift

A Girl Adrift
A Girl Adrift
  • os: Android version: 1.372
    updated: Jul 13, 2021 size: 304.2 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.372
    updated: Jul 22, 2021 size: 304.2 MB

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Edit Notes

1, Q cute picture, girl sea survival challenge fully presented, unique and wonderful props to help players have fun and challenge different levels.

2, and beautiful girls together to feel the survival journey. Rich exploration content allows you to feel the endless fun. Exquisite Korean style painting style, let the girls look very cute.

3, Touch control operation, fresh picture, beautiful music, rich gameplay, novel and exciting. There are many tasks in the game, try to survive in the game.

How To Play

1, Each level mode is set very cleverly, you can complete more adventures in different scenes.

2, a variety of props can help you complete a variety of tasks, to provide you with more survivability.

3, flexible use of the brain, quickly deal with a variety of problems.

4, quickly collect more resources and materials to build a variety of ships.


A Girl Adrift is a very healing action adventure game, in this game the player will play a flooded girl, the player needs to survive on a raft, the player can enjoy the time travel adventure, there are a variety of monsters will suddenly attack, use the props in hand to survive it!



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