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CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2
CSR Racing 2
  • os: Android version: 3.1.0
    updated: May 11 2021 size: 83M
  • os: IOS version: 3.1.0
    updated: May 18, 2021 size: 3.3 GB

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Edit Notes

- HD Realistic Graphics

- Licensed Sports Cars

- Ultimate Challenge

- Upgrade your car

- Customize your car

- City Domination

How To Play

1. the game has beautiful graphics.

2. the game will have a variety of levels.

3. the operation of the game is simple and easy to learn.

The biggest highlight of the game is the vehicle model, which is more exquisite than the side-scroller 3 ("real" racing), you can lift the hood in the garage to visit the engine, you can also open the door to look at the interior, the interior can also change the color. You can tune the car in the game, however, not much can be adjusted, the transmission can only adjust the final transmission


It is a very fun car driving simulation game, beautiful game graphics and realistic racing models, in the game players will drive a variety of cool sports cars to play, experience the peak of instant fun and passionate driving experience has been a new game mode



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