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Stretch Guy

Stretch Guy
Stretch Guy
  • os: Android version: 0.5.9
    updated: March 4, 2022 size: 93M

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Edit Notes

1, cartoon style, humorous and funny atmosphere, so many players, can not help but love.

2, no more restrictions, no need to comply with what, hard traffic rules, surprisingly can also be rampant.

3, mutual cooperation, very test of two people, each other's tacit understanding, with good cooperation to complete the task.

How To Play

1, mission one, the road directly across the road, is can be so crazy, as long as there is no car on whatever you want.

2, task two, as long as you see the wounded, you can directly take out the stretcher, the wounded will be carried on the stretcher of.

3, task three, any one of the moment, do not forget your identity, treating the dead and helping the wounded the greatest.


Stretch Guy is a magical casual puzzle game in which you control a little man who can stretch his arms and legs freely to break through various levels. If you are interested in this game, click to join it now.



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