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Cat Escape

Cat Escape
Cat Escape
  • os: Android version: 15.3
    updated: March 14, 2022 size: 66M

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Edit Notes

1. After a successful clearance you can unlock a new scene, which will be in the map guide.

2、The door is locked, if you can't get the key you can't leave.

3、Although it is a static screen, it has a lot of interactivity, try to find a breakthrough.

4、Simple and easy to use, players don't have to worry about the level being too difficult, if you can't solve it, you can ask for help.

How To Play

1、If players want to escape quickly in this game, they need to find various clues quickly to help them escape from their predicament.

2、Although the game is simple to play, the player should keep watching everything around them, which is fun.

3, This game is very compatible, it can support electronic devices with different operating systems to run online.


Cat Escape is a Q-tip cartoon style puzzle and casual game in which the player has to control a small cat to escape from the guards, unlock the organs, climb over the obstacles and then escape successfully.



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