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Math games - Brain Training

Math games - Brain Training
Math games - Brain Training
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    updated: March 23, 2022 size: 9.8M
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- Addition math games. Quiz and practice games with addition numbers

- Subtraction math games. Subtract numbers to solve equations

- Multiplication math game. Learning multiplication tables.

- Division math game. Practice and learn division tables

- Random math games.

How To Play

The math game has been designed to work with smartphones and tablets. Internet connection is not required.

Each category has different game modes to improve math skills - play, learn, quiz, practice, duel and test. Math games can be educational learning for kids or brain training apps for adults. Basic and simple math games with colorful worksheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each set of worksheets displays a fraction when completed.

Perform math calculations and practice with simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Join now and play for free on Android ! Improve your math skills or learn to count. The game is so simple and easy that even the youngest kids can play it.

With this educational app, parents, teachers and educators can help kids learn faster. This math genius game is a fun game designed around the themes of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Math games - Brain Training is free and the app appeals to you at many different grade levels and with many different interests. You can enjoy racing games, logic games, puzzle games, and even games based on the activities they enjoy every day. These games also cover a variety of concepts and skills, from basic addition and subtraction skills to solving complex equations and drawing. We now have a variety of problems for you to solve.



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