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Dino Clash: Tribal War

Dino Clash: Tribal War
Dino Clash: Tribal War
  • os: Android version: 1.5.3
    updated: Jul 21, 2022 size: 323.5 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.5.3
    updated: Jul 25, 2022 size: 323.5 MB

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1、Snappy combat sense diverse dinosaur skills, the king of the animal department!

2、Starting from representing Tirano, meet with various dinosaur characters like Mammoth, Pultra Norton, etc. that have a realistic feel like Jurassic World!

3、Use the special activity skills of dinosaurs to defeat the enemy army in one breath! The real original era of the army strategy RPG game!

4、The primitive man and dinosaur skills with a sense of combat even when moving! All combination victory! This is a real collectible strategy game with painful action!

How To Play

Before you start hunting, you must do more preparation and specify a plan to make the hunting adventure smoother.

You must find more information and materials and familiarize yourself with the habits of the prey in order to explore their tracks.

Find the right place and aim with a sniper weapon to target the prey and choose the best chance to hit it.

In this game players will become a real dinosaur hunter. The game is not difficult to get started, where you can enjoy the joy of shooting for you.

Become a dinosaur hunter, to snipe those prehistoric beasts, and they compete to see who is more skilled!


Dino Clash game is a breakthrough form of various game play novel leisure and entertainment game, let you produce unusual game encounter, exclusive level selection ushered in a new upgrade grinding, colorful a wide range of animal design is very excellent Oh, open a new upgrade of the exciting sense of battle, a variety of professional skills can be updated, with other users to carry out a different feeling of joy!



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