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Space Marshals 3

Space Marshals 3
Space Marshals 3
  • os: Android version: 3.1.3
    updated: Apr 25, 2022 size: 1.6 GB
  • os: IOS version: 3.1.3
    updated: Apr 25, 2022 size: 1.6 GB

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Edit Notes

1.Various weapons and equipment, all kinds of weapons, more than 70 different weapons

2. Tactical grading system shooting game

3. Wait for the opportunity to move in the enemy's visual dead zone.

4. Use Metal to present a unique and gorgeous HD graphics

5. Novel challenge gameplay, each enemy has different attributes.

6.20 tasks that offer rewards based on performance

7. Each level is very challenging and has different ways to pass.

How To Play

Players play the role of cosmic detectives, tracking criminals around the universe. The setting is the future, however, the style of painting and weapons is very similar to the traditional American West. Including the characters, they all wear cowboy hats. The game has a standard 45-degree view, with buttons on the left to control character movement and on the right to fire weapons. Different weapons can be used by clicking on the weapon icon at the bottom of the screen.


Space Marshals 3 is a super fun space shooting game, the game's graphics are very cool, the character model is also very realistic, coupled with intense and exciting game play and a wealth of interesting weapons and props, players in the game can want to kill the enemy Oh.



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