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Banana Kong

Banana Kong
Banana Kong
  • os: Android version:
    updated: March 9, 2022 size: 68M
  • os: IOS version: 1.9.7
    updated: Apr 20, 2021 size: 259.4 MB

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The game adopts a 2D cartoon style and the graphics feel quite exquisite. Not only are the colours bright, the image of Donkey Kong is also witty and funny, and the action is quite smooth and natural. As a horizontal scrolling game in endless mode, the game has a clear sense of tasting layers, with bright colours in the foreground, a well-drawn jungle in the mid-ground, and trees and light and shadows in the far-ground realising the overall sense of space in the game, making the jungle feel truly endless.

How To Play

The powerful game engine will give players endless fun in endless runs.

Each playthrough is a new challenge as each tier is randomised.

Collect as many bananas as possible to replenish your energy bar. Find secrets and unlock additional tiers to explore more of the game's fun. 

Use energy blasts to destroy obstacles or choose alternative routes such as deep underground cave areas or treetops.


A thrilling journey through jungles, caves and treetops. In the game, you're Banana Kong! A game that relaxes you as much as a banana milkshake!



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