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1, in the game to create their own combination of cards to participate in more competitive challenges;

2, A series of cards with different attributes and abilities can be tried by players to obtain;

3, through blockchain technology, players can also freely trade their own digital cards.

How To Play

1. The game has a variety of monster content board, you have to adopt your own management model to grow freely.

2. Each monster uses different skills, try to duel in order to complete a variety of interesting actions.

3. Each battle starts with a small window containing information about the opponent, mana and some special information.

4. Different positions are assigned for long-range and attack use, and can only be placed when the monster has the relevant ability.


This is a very hot card strategy game, each card in the game has unique properties and play, so that players can enjoy every battle in the game, a large number of welfare packages can also bring players unlimited stimulation, special game graphics to give players the ultimate novelty.



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