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A3: Still Alive

A3: Still Alive
A3: Still Alive
  • os: Android version: 1.5.23
    updated: April 5, 2022 size: 150M
  • os: IOS version: 1.5.23
    updated: Apr 7, 2022 size: 3.8 GB

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Edit Notes

1. Exquisite and detailed graphics, realistic scenes portrayed.

2. A huge alien world with countless unknowns waiting for you to explore.

3. Collect various materials that will help you synthesize more useful equipment in the later stages.

4. First-view gameplay, more immersive, gives a realistic atmosphere.

How To Play

[Guardian Knight] A magical melee attacker who fights with the sacred power of a hammer and uses a heavy shield to block attacks

[Wizard] A magical long-range attacker who fights with powerful spells using his magic ring

[Berserker] A physical melee attacker who wields a huge two-handed axe and uses his cursed power to crush enemies in a frenzy

[Bowman] A physical long-range attacker who uses quick, accurate shots and agile movements to wield the power of his enemies.

[Assassin] A physical melee attacker who wields two swords and strikes deep into the enemy, launching a deadly barrage of attacks


A3: Still Alive is a new large-scale role-playing survival adventure game that combines western magic elements with exquisite graphics and five different professions to choose from, each with a different set of attributes.



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