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Age of Origins

Age of Origins
Age of Origins
  • os: Android version: 1.3.1
    updated: Aug 25, 2022 size: 1 GB
  • os: IOS version: 1.3.1
    updated: Aug 25, 2022 size: 1 GB

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Edit Notes

1, war scenes are extremely shocking, in the role of external pressure humans will form an alliance model, they try together to survive the moment of crisis;.

2, in the coalition you have the opportunity to build factories to cast extraordinary dominant army, with a huge military force can effectively fight the zombie invasion;.

3, wait until the zombie attack players can enjoy the start of the battle plan, different military forces can be used in the map to the fullest.

How To Play

1, the ultimate goal is to re-establish humanity's own civilization, but first must solve the zombie crisis.

2, as long as the virus has not been eliminated the survivors are not considered safe, because they may be infected at any time

3, the picture of the zombie elements are very much, exquisite mission styling design.

4, the player becomes a member of the army, in the huge battlefield need to carry out a variety of reasonable planning

5, Use different weapons to fight against the zombies, all the zombies will be wiped out.


Age of Origins offers you quite a lot of features and allows you to get even richer. Numerous debugging and more content are available for you to find more content with rich and diverse gameplay.



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