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PJ Masks: Racing Heroes

PJ Masks: Racing Heroes
PJ Masks: Racing Heroes
  • os: Android version: 2.0.5
    updated: November 20, 2020 size: 37M
  • os: IOS version: 2.0.1
    updated: Nov 26, 2020 size: 368.1 MB

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Edit Notes

- Choose your favourite PJ Masks character

- Collect Golden Moon Crystals to upgrade your PJ Rover

- Pick up power cells to activate the power of the amulet

- Drive over the boost pad for extra speed

- Stay on the holographic platform to gain extra power cells

How To Play

Help the little heroes dodge the bad guys on their way!

As darkness falls, the little pajama heroes come to the rescue!


PJ Masks: Racing Heroes is made up of three youngsters, Connor, Greg and Amaya. The three are ordinary kids by day, but when night falls, they don their pyjamas and masks and transform into superheroes. They explore, solve puzzles and learn a lot as they grow up.



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