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Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion
Merge Mansion
  • os: Android version: 22.08.02
    updated: Aug 10, 2022 size: 445.6 MB
  • os: IOS version: 22.08.02
    updated: Aug 11, 2022 size: 445.6 MB

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Edit Notes

1, The core gameplay is merging, and the placed hanging gameplay is also very spontaneous, players can merge items.

2, unused items can be sold for gold, bringing additional revenue that can be exchanged for useful ones.

3、Integrated with a lot of novel elements, combined with more play, there is a wonderful plot to watch.

4, the picture style is mainly American cartoon setting, here the color is probably very bright.

How To Play

1, After entering the level, you need to merge the corresponding two identical props.

2, to get new props, after several times combined to achieve the mission objectives.

3, for example, to trim the dead leaves at the door, you need to synthesize the gardener's scissors.

4, to sweep the yard of leaves everywhere, you need to synthesize leaf rake and protective gloves.

5, click on the props to get new items, you can also wait for time to drop props to merge.

6, each item can see the purpose, do not worry about the wrong sale of props and can not finish the level.


Merge Mansion brings rich and interesting casual gameplay, the game is particularly playable, join this one you will be able to experience at the same time to synthesis and upgrade, decoration design and other multiple elements, there is a unique plot can experience, absolutely will not let players feel boring, the game operation is also quite simple, easy to click to complete a variety of tasks, to help you earn gold and diamonds.



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