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Perfect Cream

Perfect Cream
Perfect Cream
  • os: Android version: 1.11.18
    updated: Jun 7, 2022 size: 293.6 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.11.18
    updated: Jun 9, 2022 size: 293.6 MB

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The possibility to create a variety of strange food patterns so that you can easily achieve various food production tasks.

different tasks in each stage will bring great challenge and difficulty and become an expert in food during successive tasks.

flexible challenges in which the operation than the columns bring you better visual effects, flexibility to complete more freely to create and obtain high scores.

Learn new skills from a variety of different production methods which can quickly improve your own food preparation skills.

How To Play

The game has a flexible mode of operation everyone can easily control, a variety of food performance can be solved and completed by cream; master more interesting operations and modes fully to real life, to make delicious cakes and cookies to enjoy an exclusive sense of achievement.


Perfect Cream game is a recent popular cream making dessert game, the game players can make a variety of desserts, add cream, looks delicious and delicious, support super level challenge.



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