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The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats
The Battle Cats
  • os: Android version: 11.7.1
    updated: Jul 24, 2022 size: 121.1 MB
  • os: IOS version: 11.7.1
    updated: Jul 25, 2022 size: 121.1 MB

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Edit Notes

1, the game uses a cartoon style screen, like a big collection of expressions, a variety of popular expressions in the network here all together;

2, super rich gameplay can be freely switched, there is a new mode of development can be experienced, players can experience different fun.

3, a large number of levels waiting for you to challenge, here is not just a battle, you can also transform the cat's genes, so that the meow to get evolution;

How To Play

1, tower defense combat new gameplay, recruit more cats to fight against the enemy, and finally complete the game challenge

2, a new challenge, the operation of the game is simple, and more occupations can be your choice to experience

3, the core strategic deployment game, players can reasonably stop their own cat squad to start the battle adventure


The Battle Cats is a very fun cat strategy mobile game, where players can unlock different odd-shaped cats, the game will have a lot of different levels, through the game at any time to unlock different skills, a new different fun action and so you to unlock!



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