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Home Pin - How To Loot?

Home Pin - How To Loot?
Home Pin - How To Loot?
  • os: Android version: 3.6.2
    updated: March 22, 2022 size: 116M

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-Great graphics, visuals, music and sound

-Use your brain to solve puzzles

-No time or life constraints, enjoy yourself

-Play for free, anytime, anywhere

-Suitable for all ages

-Collect gold and build your own garden

How To Play

1, open the passage by pulling the pin so that the hero can escape, pull the pin to save the hero to cooperate with friends and other players.

2, addictive and fun game, each challenge is exciting and full of fun to break out and play at an intellectual level.

3, Pull the Pin Rescue rewards are generous and will alert you when you encounter difficulties as long as you complete the appropriate task level.

4、The scenes created in cartoon style are exquisitely detailed and add an element of mystery which is very interesting.


home pin is a very casual rescue game in which players need to pull the pin to rescue the characters in the game, the game play is very simple, a variety of interesting levels for you to experience, very much content for you to feel, join the game to try!



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