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Edit Notes

1、Players can find the desired handicap technology on the inside.

2、The screen of the hand game is in a low pixel retro style.

3、Open your brain and create the ideal world in your mind.

4、You can get popular archives and material packs, which are easy to change with one click.

5、Build the buildings you want in your own world or destroy the ones that get in the way.

How To Play

1、The handicap has a start-up function, which eliminates endless switching.

2、Creature illustration: a detailed summary of all creatures' characteristics decomposed.

3、Alone on this kind of deserted island, you can only make all kinds of tools to survive by yourself.

4、Build shelters at night to rest and share your results with the world's gamers.

5, The handheld game has endless possibilities, but you can also switch between first and third person perspectives.


Survival Wars 2 is a popular survival game in which everything needs to be built. Here players are free to use their imagination to build all the tools, houses and more that they need.



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