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Bridge Race

Bridge Race
Bridge Race
  • os: Android version: 3.0
    updated: Mar 14, 2022 size: 224M
  • os: IOS version: 2.72
    updated: Jul 31, 2021 size: 211.2 MB

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1, the process of building bridges need to use materials are available, grasp the timing can play a creative thinking, to solve a variety of problems that arise;.

2, are some geographically difficult locations, the first is to open the mountain pavement, otherwise the materials used to build can not be transported up;.

3, many of the tasks are randomly released out, facing a special sense of crisis, set out at least dozens of levels.

How To Play

In Bridge Master, the game is based on the physics of building bridges, in which you will play the role of an architect who builds bridges; the tasks given out are quite reasonable and interesting ways to run up well

all you have to do is to use your mind and thus start designing a lot of bridges.

You need to build bridges for different vehicles such as cars, trucks and buses; realistic directions can be mastered and the materials needed can be unlocked by completing tasks

Choose the best bridge building materials and props to build bridges for vehicles to pass through, depending on the terrain conditions, the further you go the more difficult it gets.

Hands-on speed needs to be fast, and most of the experience will help you, just win the victory.


This is a new online bridge building battle game, the game players need to control the character to open the chaos and bridge building play, the game can exercise each player's bridge building skills, encounter things must go to solve well, or you will be behind failure, full sprint to have the opportunity to stand on the podium, set up a rich prize, as long as you recognize the goal can act, many ways to experience. Collect logs of your own color and put them on the bridge of your choice. Don't let anyone else build your bridge! But you can help different characters to cross the level and build your own bridges in the game



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