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Pancake Art: Relaxing Games

Pancake Art: Relaxing Games
Pancake Art: Relaxing Games
  • os: Android version: 69
    updated: March 8, 2022 size: 41M
  • os: IOS version: 2.4
    updated: Apr 1, 2022 size: 175.8 MB

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As a drawing game in the guise of a simulation, it creates a cooking simulation as well as a drawing experience for the player; not only that, but the various elements of the game are very warm and cute, suitable for players of all ages. The game provides players with a variety of reference patterns in different shapes, from the usual emoji drawings to various line patterns with a pleasing presentation.

How To Play

Players can draw with the help of toothpaste lines or spread out cute shapes with the help of larger areas of batter. The textured graphics, the realistic shading effects and the cute toy-like shapes are all part of the game's cuteness.


Players will use their creativity in the cute and cartoonish world of the game to draw all kinds of creative and artistic pancakes with the help of a variety of cool children's toys, and you can even draw all the emojis in the world with the help of small props.



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