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Paper Fold

Paper Fold
Paper Fold
  • os: Android version: 1.112
    updated: March 9, 2022 size: Varies by device
  • os: IOS version: 1.39
    updated: Mar 11, 2022 size: 201.1 MB

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Edit Notes

1.A variety of content on top of graphics

2.Simple to play, a little thinking is all it takes to complete the content

How To Play

1.Folding in a sequential manner

2.Splice the content of the images

3.Finish according to the shading of the north side


Origami Paper Fold is a very brain-opening game, on top of the phone to complete the origami game content, the paper will be folded in the game, according to the needs given in the game to fold the paper into a variety of content, but does not lose our real kind of folding, in this software is more like a puzzle, in the overall order of the game is very important, if you like it! If you like it, join Paper Fold!



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