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  • os: Android version: 1.15.13
    updated: Jun 9, 2022 size: 862 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.15.10
    updated: Jun 10, 2022 size: 862 MB

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Promotional Video/Screenshot

Edit Notes

From the graphics, "Hitmasters" is considered a moderate performance, doppelganger cute shape, bright colors, cartoon gun shape, greatly reducing the gun battle elements, the negative impact of violent and sadistic content, but can not hide this seemingly funny and interesting, but the nature of the hidden crisis.

How To Play

From the actual experience, "Hitmasters" can really bring people more exciting, although in most cases the killing of enemies is not bleeding, but the setting of moving to whisk the body is torn apart, or dissolved into the acid without a trace, compared to the bright red blood, often more dangerous. After all, after seeing the red feel the crisis there may be fear; and do not feel the fear but after the real trigger, the resulting bad effects may become a lifetime of unforgettable nightmares.


Hitmasters is a very fun shooting breakthrough game, with a challenge of the rich level breakthrough, the game play is simple and easy to operate, through the aiming shooting and wall ejection way, unlock the hidden trap organs, to help players more quickly shoot the enemy through the level.



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