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Soul Hunters

Soul Hunters
Soul Hunters
  • os: Android version: 2.4.212
    updated: Sep 14, 2021 size: 492.2 MB
  • os: IOS version: 2.4.141
    updated: Feb 21, 2019 size: 492.2 MB

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-Create the perfect balance of sides to defeat the most powerful enemies and legions

-Unlock, upgrade, and master your hero's abilities to protect your allies, interrupt your opponents, or handle massive damage

-Instant combat with captivating visuals, very deep strategy gameplay

-Explore the mysterious and magical lands to find and collect new heroes in the fascinating campaign

How To Play

Welcome to this chaotic world full of magic, in this soulhunters, war beacon contention, paladins, dragons, demons, wizards and other positive camp for the resources of this continent and launched a war. The game provides players with over 50 legendary heroes, each with their own skills, and players use their heroes flexibly to come up with an optimal strategic approach to defeat these enemies.


Soul Hunters is a very fun competitive tower defense game, the picture cartoon, the gameplay is particularly interesting, and a variety of attributes of the character for you to choose, where you need to open up the territory, expand their own territory.



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