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  • os: Android version: 1.7.9
    updated: January 20, 2021 size: 99M
  • os: IOS version: 1.7.9
    updated: Jan 20, 2021 size: 334.1 MB

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Edit Notes

1. The scary and eerie environment, lighting and sound effects are great for creating the atmosphere of a scary ghost movie.

2, The painting style and voice acting is still a bit creepy and brings a very good immersive atmosphere.

3, A horror style escape puzzle game, where there are many ghostly and bizarre phenomena will appear.

How To Play

1. There are all kinds of strange noises at night, so you need to get out before it gets dark or something very scary will happen.

2, this virtual world can experience a very unique game play, a variety of interesting rules can bring a completely different game experience.

3, players have to escape from here in the shortest possible time, this is a test of your courage to meet the challenge, pay attention to every detail of the game.


Granny is a terrifying game about a grandson fighting his grandmother in a house. The graphics aren't too polished or realistic, but the eerie music and sudden scares really keep the player on their toes. The game is not too long, but because of the multiple endings, you can experience each ending to get a real feel for the game.



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