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Oceanhorn ™

Oceanhorn ™
Oceanhorn ™
  • os: Android version: 1.1.6
    updated: Jul 20, 2022 size: 2.8 GB
  • os: IOS version: 4.0
    updated: Jul 28, 2022 size: 2.8 GB

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Edit Notes

I believe that everyone little boy sunshine, brave style of painting, giving a sense of the Legend of Zelda vestigial, but in fact the game is not only the subject matter painting style attractive, more importantly, the game within the adventure design is very clever. The game map high and low, full of interesting organs and puzzles, exploration will often have a village of surprises, to bring players the pleasure is continuous!

How To Play

Oceanhorn ™ finally presented to the player's quality is evident to all, the graphics performance is excellent, the sense of hierarchy is outstanding, day, night, rain, islands, sea, flowers and plants, including light and shadow performance are quite excellent, there is a strong sense of immersion background music and sound effects, open exploration environment, the only deficiency may be the initial stage will make many players slightly headache walking operation, but after getting used to the impact of the game is not much, voice, text and animation to depict the plot is also appropriate, support for Chinese, green no internal purchase, is a rare recent good works.


Oceanhorn is brightly colored and harmonious, and the protagonist is a bear who is not afraid of anything and breaks into the world to fight evil by himself. The game's protagonist uses the survival skills taught by his father, through the boat, on foot and other ways to follow his father's trail all the way to adventure, and finally destroy the story of sea monsters. The game combines role-playing, real-time combat, collection, puzzle solving and many other elements in one, both homage to "Zelda", but also has its own unique personality, is a masterpiece.



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