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Trooper Shooter: 5v5 Co-op TPS

Trooper Shooter: 5v5 Co-op TPS
Trooper Shooter: 5v5 Co-op TPS
  • os: Android version: 2.9.3
    updated: February 16, 2022 size: 84M
  • os: IOS version: 2.9.3
    updated: Feb 19, 2022 size: 878 MB

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Edit Notes

1, Simple and casual entertainment, step by step to complete the mission objectives, shooting obstacles to win more points;

2, A lot of fun shooting battles, super fun mode, there are also generous bonuses can be rewarded to everyone;

3, The game content is more interesting, constantly rich challenge to bring the feeling of play is very interesting;

4, Each type of game design has its own characteristic rules, bring the card playing experience will be quite different

How To Play

1, Pay attention to observe the location of the enemy on the map, after the discovery of the opponent can be better chase or crouch position in advance to ambush the opponent;

2, The use of grenades can bomb the enemy, especially when the enemy gathered or in narrow terrain, grenades are very useful;

3, And teammates can cooperate with each other to win more easily, with good cooperation you can quickly defeat the enemy.


TrooperShooter, a wonderfully fun adventure shooter with gorgeous graphics and fun combat models, small memory and lots of gameplay, where players need to upgrade their equipment all the time to make the team go further.



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