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Hungry Shark Evolution - Offline survival game

Hungry Shark Evolution - Offline survival game
Hungry Shark Evolution - Offline survival game
  • os: Android version: Varies with device
    updated: February 28, 2022 size: Varies with device

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Edit Notes

1、Hidden maps and tasks increase, bringing players more adventure experience, gradually increase the difficulty of exploration, fun not tired

2、Operation mode is better optimized, touch operation is more responsive, control shark is very flexible, feel more cool

3, more props can be used, players use these props in the game, easier to get high scores, unlock more props to use

How To Play

1. There are no obstacles

You can try to open your bloody mouth to devour all the fish in the game.

2、Explore the magical waters of infinite freedom

This world is full of challenges, with a variety of levels for you to venture into.

3. Exquisite and detailed graphics and scenery settings

Experience a completely free and unique challenge with new and exciting areas to explore.


An unprecedented casual game designed by the developer is now fully upgraded, the casual game "hungry shark evolution" must be no stranger to players, the law of survival in nature "the weak are stronger than the strong" is fully demonstrated here, as one of the shark species, players have to constantly eat to maintain vital signs.



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  • it is a very good game and i think it's one of my favorites so far.

    by peyton 31 May,2022


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