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Buildings for Minecraft

Buildings for Minecraft
Buildings for Minecraft
  • os: Android version: 8.8
    updated: March 14, 2022 size: 34M
  • os: IOS version: 1.0.8
    updated: Mar 8, 2022 size: 37.6 MB

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Edit Notes

A wide variety of skins are waiting for you to unlock, customise, modify and realise all the ideas you have in mind.

With an innovative style, easy to use and simple interface, it's time to experience your sense of design.

A large number of fan character designs are available for you to choose from, customise and modify, and design your own character with great creativity.

How To Play

The skin replacement feature for the game characters is the skin mapping located in the top left corner of the interface under "mob--char".

Players can edit their own character skins, but it is a bit tricky and needs to be edited one by one.

A 3D preview is available in the bottom right corner of the interface, which can be dragged around.


Buildings For Minecraft is a great add-on for my world games, where players can find a wide range of buildings for my world games and quickly add them to their games, allowing players who don't know how to design buildings to quickly build beautiful and functional buildings here, very convenient, and a wide range of materials and more can be used.



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