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Adorable Home

Adorable Home
Adorable Home
  • os: Android version: 1.22.6
    updated: Aug 10, 2022 size: 704.8 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.22.7
    updated: Sep 1, 2022 size: 704.8 MB

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Edit Notes

1, a variety of colorful different theme scenarios, different scenarios may produce different game feelings.

2, the game is very easy to play, easy to start, suitable for all the different age groups of gamers free trial.

3, easy and harmonious daily life of cats, but also can use the camera record to record their happy moment.

How To Play

1、A variety of different kinds of cats and kittens, the game player can freely select the favorite to develop training.

2、A lot of different game props added in it, different road has a different role and efficacy.

3、Continue to carry out a variety of different daily tasks, get a generous reward, open a large number of game play.


Adorable Home is a very casual and fun simulation game, in which players will start a new jerk cat life, using a cartoon cute style of painting, raising a variety of different species of cats, careful care of them.



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