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Sharpshooter Blitz

Sharpshooter Blitz
Sharpshooter Blitz
  • os: Android version: 2.0.2
    updated: May 26, 2022 size: 157.2 MB
  • os: IOS version: 2.0.2
    updated: May 30, 2022 size: 157.2 MB

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Edit Notes

1. The plot of the game is really complete. First, we need to investigate the scene to understand the situation, and then we need to interrogate the suspect;

2. According to the witness statement, event description and expression of the suspect, the suspect with high suspicion shall be identified first, and the suspect with low suspicion shall be excluded;

3. Finally, we arrived at the scene and did the final evidence collection to find more important game clues, so as to catch the suspect.

How To Play

30 puzzles can be solved in 45 different ways, and the accelerator can be used to solve puzzles and two king fighting tasks

There are 12 keys scattered in the game, which can unlock books in different order and make the layout clearer

Five worlds, simplified user interface divided by book type, 22 featured props can solve puzzles


Sharpshooter Blitz is a very exciting shooting adventure game. There are hundreds of levels for you to challenge and lead your team to fight in the factory base. In the game, players need to keep taking risks, collect more weapons and equipment to help them fight better. The game is very interesting. There are also some background music in the game, which gives you an immersive adventure experience. Don't miss it if you are interested!



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