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SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt
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Edit Notes

1. Make your city come alive

2. Spend your imagination on the map

3. Battle your way to victory

4. Connect with each other and work as a team

How To Play

From the planning of residential, commercial and industrial land, to the allocation of taxes and various public facilities expenses are all designed by the player himself. In addition to properly planning various areas, the game also takes into account a number of factors such as people, economy, survival and politics. Players can freely plan their ideal city and slowly watch it develop over time. You can create a unique and wonderful city in the game that will attract citizens to move in. The bigger your city grows, the more the citizens will need, solve realistic city problems, add services to please the citizens and make the city thrive.


SimCity BuildIt is a very fun and interesting simulation building game. The player's biggest task is to meet the daily needs of all the citizens in the city on a fixed area of land.



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