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Evony The King's Return

Evony The King's Return
Evony The King's Return
  • os: Android version: 4.19.2
    updated: March 24, 2022 size: 84M
  • os: IOS version: 4.19.2
    updated: Mar 25, 2022 size: 545.4 MB

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6 different styles of architecture, American, Chinese, European, Russian, Korean and Japanese!

You can take on the role of diplomats, warlords, governors, monarchs and more.

Recruit historical generals to fight for you and develop your city.

How To Play

As clans fight, people struggle to survive, and who will end this storm.

Join the clan and become the mightiest warrior of all! It is your duty to regain the glory of your clan.

Upgrade immediately, whether it's a building or a unit, just merge and upgrade.


Evony The King's Return is a war strategy game developed by TOP GAMES. The game is set in an ancient war of nations, where players can choose from six different powers - America, China, Europe, Russia, Korea and Japan - to build your own empire, train a powerful army, protect cities and people, and fight for glory.



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