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Magic Rampage

Magic Rampage
Magic Rampage
  • os: Android version: 5.5.1
    updated: March 31, 2022 size: 127M
  • os: IOS version: 5.5.1
    updated: Apr 4, 2022 size: 226.7 MB

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Edit Notes

1. Fun and interesting game mechanics

2. Great level design

3. Refreshingly smooth operation and excellent experience

4. Diverse levels of styles and features

5. Free combination of skills and attack methods

How To Play

Combat: Throw your weapon to deal damage to your enemy, hitting your head will do extra damage, and your attacks will cancel each other out when you collide with them

Jump: You can press up again in the air to jump higher

Heal: Use a blood vial to regain blood

Resurrection: In case of death you will lose the equipment and items you have collected in this level, you can spend gold to revive them

Attributes: The corresponding attribute of your defence will make you immune to traps, such as fire and wind.

Pin-ups: you can customise the appearance of your character - to a certain extent

Equipment: equipment can be obtained by fighting monsters, opening treasure chests, exploring and map hideaways, and you can also buy it on the map.

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Magic Rampage is a fighting game that can be played locally online and joined on the same wifi to provide you with the most features. There's plenty of variety in the gameplay and quite a lot of content that's good for you to experience on your phone!



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