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Rooftop Run

Rooftop Run
Rooftop Run
  • os: Android version: 2.4.6
    updated: Mar 21, 2022 size: 397.9 MB
  • os: IOS version: 2.4.6
    updated: Mar 21, 2022 size: 397.9 MB

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Edit Notes

1. Put your finger on the screen to control the character, avoid the obstacles and cross the obstacles to win the game;

2. Colorful game levels, suitable for players of different ages to experience, simple operation can reap endless fun;

3. The game music is light and pleasant, so you can easily and happily experience the fun of the game, and the game play is very wonderful, easy and comfortable.

How To Play

1, where the player needs to face a large number of difficulties, the player can easily go here to complete a variety of challenges.

2, the game also has a large number of traps, players need to be careful here to carry out a variety of breakthroughs.

3, the player can show their skills here, to carry out better parkour movement, to complete more challenges.


Rooftop Run game screen is super real, the player needs to control the character in a variety of high rooftops on the parkour escape, a variety of obstacles waiting for you here, super game map and so you to break, super real game screen let the player in the process of parkour will also feel the blood swell, heartbeat accelerated, each map is different difficulty, come to challenge it.



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