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Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4
Red Ball 4
  • os: Android version: 1.4.21
    updated: July 10, 2020 size: 53M
  • os: IOS version: 1.4.18
    updated: November 26, 2019 size: 53MB

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Edit Notes

- New Little Red Ball Adventure

- 75 levels

- Exciting physics elements

- Fabulous soundtrack

- HID controller support

- Epic bottom-of-the-level battles

How To Play

The game begins with the story of the causes and consequences, the little red balls were captured by the evil black cube to take the transformation, all through that transformation of the house of the little red balls, out will become red cube. In order to protect the Earth, the little red ball decided to go over the mountains to attack the dark factory, rescue more little red ball companions, and turn them back into round. Like most of the breakout games, this work is also used level system, each scene has 15 small levels, a total of three scenes: lush green mountains, deep forests and dark factories. Players need to collect the corresponding stars in each level and attack the small black squares encountered along the way in order to obtain the corresponding level (gold, silver, bronze). Levels cannot be ignored, because they are the keys to open new scenes. The biggest play point of this game is full of physics elements of various organs. Although the mechanism settings are simple, but some need to rely on their own assembly up, containing a small amount of puzzle components, this part also makes the game process more rich and varied.


Red ball4 is a casual game with fun content. Control your red ball to avoid the obstacles in the levels, with a wide range of levels to give you more challenges.



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