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Tangle Master

Tangle Master
Tangle Master
  • os: Android version: 38.9.0
    updated: Aug 3, 2022 size: 263.6 MB
  • os: IOS version: 38.9.0
    updated: Aug 3, 2022 size: 263.6 MB

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Edit Notes

1、The level is not too difficult, you need to rely on wisdom to unlock it, you can join at any time.

2、Simple operation mode, easy to get started, suitable for all ages of players.

3、Fresh and bright scenes with vivid images, giving you a new visual feast.

4、challenging gameplay, requiring players to open their brains and think flexibly.

5、untangle the game in the rope, move your fingers to complete the challenge.

How To Play

1. a number of colored ropes are distributed in a disorderly manner on the hexagonal plate.

2. you can adjust the layout of the tray by swapping positions, rotating angles, flipping up and down and changing colors.

3. to make all the colors of the rope to untie the challenge is successful


A very decompressed rope winding master 3D game, the game is very simple, is to find a way to wind the rope for straightening. It's a little game for young and old, mainly to exercise one's patience! Just untangle them all, relax your brain and have fun in four ways!



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