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Dragon City Mobile

Dragon City Mobile
Dragon City Mobile
  • os: Android version: 22.3.3
    updated: May 30, 2022 size: 297.7 MB
  • os: IOS version: 22.3.2
    updated: May 5, 2022 size: 297.7 MB

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Edit Notes

-Each dragon has its rarity, from the lowest one star to the strongest five stars.

-The ability to communicate with other players in the world in dragon city.

-The trading center where you can exchange the goods you have collected on the island, sell them for money or exchange them.

How To Play

1, Go to the world of magic to stay among the characteristic dragons, all with elements and magic use;.

2, according to the prompts of the task to explore, collect the exclusive dragon and improve the degree of silence.

3, will have finished building the island to open a new island, to unlock the facilities inside.

4, Lead the growing dragons to the arena and start fighting to see the difference between dragons and dragons.

5, from the dragon's combat power to start the battle, and from the rankings to get the top ranking.


Very interesting dinosaur game, players in the game need to hatch to cultivate more dragons, through competitive battles to profit more rewards, the game is rich in gameplay elements, easy to operate, there are many different elements of the dragon can be collected, like dinosaurs must not miss.



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