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War For The Seas: 1001 Nights

War For The Seas: 1001 Nights
War For The Seas: 1001 Nights

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Real-time naval battles;

Realistic location-based gameplay;

Play as the Allies or Imperial Japan;

Over 50 categories of playable ships;

Tactical control of aircraft (not a flight simulator);

Put out fires, fight flooded disaster rooms and repair ships;

Sinking ships using realistic buoyancy physics;

Historical missions based on actual naval involvement;

How To Play

Build your own dungeon and explore a dark world with more rooms, players can choose a house in that game to set up organs. The campaign mode is more and the ways to conquer enemies are varied.


War For The Seas: 1001 Nights is a strategy single player game with a naval war theme. Players in the game can experience the Pacific battles of World War II, commanding ships and aircraft to destroy the enemy, gaining victory in the war at sea, expanding their own territory, and becoming the manager of the Pacific waters. The game has a variety of gameplay, rich plot plus excellent production and high-definition graphics, so that players can be deeply into the game.



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