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  • os: Android version: 3.0.4
    updated: December 15, 2021 size: 67M
  • os: IOS version: 3.0.4
    updated: Dec 17, 2021 size: 98.5 MB

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Edit Notes

Simple and easy to use

Rich colours and many scenes

Beautifully designed interface, giving you a stunning visual experience

Super levels, lots of levels for you to break through

How To Play

The only place to spend the diamonds in this game is to buy characters and upgrade characters, every day after doing the daily whoring 5 diamonds, day by day, month by month, it is good.
Songs (completely free of charge, well, although they are long-ago songs, but now play still feel, even if bored, players can also make their own)
In short, this game is now very suitable for newcomers who want to enter the sound game pit, the difficulty is not high, the interface is simple, the speed of adaptation is very fast, as long as you do not play competitive other experiences are considered good


This is a new music game, the gameplay is very simple, the same as the rhythm master, familiar operation method let you quickly get started, the game interface to create a very cool luxury, many scenes unlocked for free to use, and can also compete with friends, never get tired of playing, interested in hurry to try it.



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