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Merge Tower Bots

Merge Tower Bots
Merge Tower Bots
  • os: Android version: 5.1.4
    updated: Jul 4, 2022 size: 290.4 MB
  • os: IOS version: 5.1.3
    updated: Jun 27, 2022 size: 290.4 MB

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Edit Notes

1, refreshing and lovely cartoon 3d game style of painting, easy and simple finger click operation mode.

2, a combination of strategic tower defense and placement synthesis of dual play.

3, rich level settings, in the right place to place your defense tower, to resist the enemy's attack.

4, more strategic upgrade and synthesis of your defense tower, to resist more attacks.

How To Play

Overall is a very good tower defense game, cute 3D cartoon game style, bring the ultimate refreshing visual experience, the operation is not difficult, the casual feeling is more thick, place the defense tower, by killing the enemy to get the gold used to synthesize and upgrade to become more powerful units, challenge more and more rich levels.


Merge Tower Bots is a restful cartoon style tower defense game that requires players to place robots in designated locations to defend against enemy attacks, while also merging to obtain more advanced robots to improve overall defense capabilities.



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